Health Advisory Board

Health Advisory Board

The purpose of the Coquille Indian Tribe’s Health Advisory Board is to:

  • Consider allocation of scarce resources among competing priorities
  • Give Tribal Council advice that is responsive to Tribal members’ needs
  • Promote health care that meets Tribal member needs and Tribal values
  • Represent the interests of all Tribal members and other eligible clients


Corrine Burnum

Denise Hunter

Jen Procter-Andrews

Cara Coimbra

Kippy Robbins









    • Denise Hunter (Position 1, Tribal member at large)
    • Cara Coimbra (Position 2, Tribal member residing inside the service area)
    • Jen Procter-Andrews (Position 3, Tribal member residing outside the service area)
    • Corrine Burnum (Position 4, Tribal member eligible for primary care)
    • Kippy Robbins (Position 5, Tribal Council member)
    • Kelle Little (Position 6, Health and Human Services Administrator)

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