Quitting Tobacco


Quitting Tobacco

Quitting tobacco is probably the best health improvement a person can make. Attempts to quit are far more successful when psychological, social and emotional “triggers” are addressed. In addition to coverage for quit-tobacco medications, Nasomah offers a Tobacco Cessation Counseling benefit. Spouses and dependents are eligible as well.


Tobacco Cessation Counseling is covered at 100 percent and includes:

  • Private or group sessions with a state-licensed counselor, such as a psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist. Counselors bill Nasomah for their services.
  • Services provided by an addictions prevention and treatment agency that can bill Nasomah. ADAPT is one such agency in Southern Oregon.
  • Phone-based programs, such as the Alere Smoke-Free Program at (866) 661-6781.



Additional Help

In addition to the services billable to Nasomah, check out these programs and resources to help you quit tobacco:

  • Great American Smokeout – Always the Thursday before Thanksgiving, it’s a day when tobacco users commit to quitting for a day, in hopes they will continue being tobacco-free from that point. Visit cancer.org.
  • Employee Assistance Programs – Check with your Human Resources Department.
  • Call (800) QUIT-NOW(784-8669) and get directed to your state’s free quit line.
  • Your local hospital may offer free tobacco cessation classes.

Online Resources