3.11 Research Resources

Resources for Research

Below are links to online resources where you can learn more about:

  • Southwest Oregon Tribes
  • Southwest Oregon History
  • Indigenous Languages
  • Oregon Tribal Newspapers
  • Native News
  • Spanish and Latino Resources
  • Other Library Resources
  • Oregon Colleges and Universities
  • Legal Resources and Documents

Southwest Oregon Tribes

Southwest Oregon History

  • Coos History Museum – Home to the Coos County Historical Society, the museum has worked with the Coquille Indian Tribe on education programs and museum exhibits.
  • Coos Bay History – An independently managed web page with resources on Coos Bay and the surrounding area.
  • Coos County and Oregon History – Covers a variety of Oregon history, from the Beaver Hill (Coos Bay) Coal Mine to the history of the Oregon Territory.
  • Oregon History Project – The Oregon Historical Society’s online resource.
  • Southern Oregon Historical Society – Based in Jackson County, Ore.
  • Historical Oregon Newspapers – An archive of Oregon newspapers, including papers from southwest Oregon. Most papers date from mid-19th to early-mid 20th century. These newspapers were digitized as part of the Oregon Digital Newspaper Program (ODNP).
  • Guide to the Melville Jacobs Papers – The University of Washington Library’s Special Collections include an online guide to the works of Dr. Melville Jacobs, a linguist whose extensive work includes detailed ethnographic work with ancestors of today’s Coos and Coquille Tribes.
  • Southwestern Oregon Research Project – A guide to the archives from the Southwestern Oregon Research Project (SWORP).
  • “Broken Treaties, An Oregon Experience — An Oregon Public Broadcasting program first broadcast in 2017.
  • 1855 Treaty  — This is the unratified Oregon Coast Tribes Treaty of 1855, preserved on the website of the Center for World Indigenous Studies.  To access it, click the link, then scroll down to a link labeled “46. OR-COAST.TXT.” Click to download the treaty.)

Indigenous Languages

Newspapers of Oregon Tribes

Native News

Spanish Language and Latino Resources

A significant part of the Coquille Indian Tribe’s community is also part of the Latino community in southwest Oregon (and in other places, too).

Other Library Resources

Oregon Colleges and Universities

Legislative and Legal Resources